Earlier this month ,HYBE launched thier artist made collection by BTS ,a merchandise collection featuring designs created by each members of the group .

The first merchandise released was of BTS ‘s member JIN who designed a good day and bad day nightsuit ,neck pillows. While the price range Weverse Shop showed on the app took many fans by surprise, even the designer, Jin himself was completely shocked.

The second merchandise was of RM, RM’s Artist-Made Collection was released on January 3. It consisted of a Bungeo-ppang (Fish-shaped pastry) wind chime and jogger pants in two colors.

BTS J-Hope’s official artist made merch has a beautiful blue coloured side mini bag. The tie-dyed bag has created a buzz among BTS ARMY as they are trending the singer on the social media platform Twitter ever since it was released. The next item on BTS J-Hope’s merch was a HOPE mini pot set. 

Jimin’s collection consisted of a purple “With You” hoodie that he had been spotted wearing on several occasions, as well as a pair of silver hoop earrings. The items were priced at ₩99,000 (about £60) and  ₩75,000 (£47) respectively, and had reportedly sold out within seconds

V’s brooch set pops out with its so many colours. The designs are as fun and cute in an innocent way just as V’s personality. Furthermore, the mute Boston bag in brown leather is artistic, suave, and classy, representing Taetae’s personality as an artist.

As part of his own set of goodies, designed especially for fans, the rapper SUGA has a thoughtful guitar pick necklace engraved with both BTS and ARMY logo, as well as a notepad and cover set ready to release soon.

Twenty five – twenty one

we’re back in the present, with Min-chae talking to her grandmother as they do some light gardening. The young girl attempts to subtly bring up the contents of her mother’s diary during the course of this, and we see that the wedding rings allegedly sold during the IMF gold collection program are still in Jae-kyung’s possession. It riles up the adult Mee-do when she finds out this fact via text, and she states she feels awkward about the situation, even after all these years.

Soon, though, we transition back into the past, with the backdrop of 1998 flanked by a cycling Yi-jin. When there, we see the events at the end of the last episode shot from his perspective, evidently so that the young man’s tempered joy does not go unnoticed by the viewer. A humorous scene involving the broken peeing boy statue then follows, with Hee-do’s mother upset that the yin-yang balance in the household has now been thrown off. 

However, there’s definitely still tension between the family of two. Hee-do appears tired and jealous at the attention given towards her celebrity mother on her first day at Tae Yang school and decides to sneak off for a toilet break. At that point, she eavesdrops on a conversation involving the popular Moon Ji-woong, an in-demand student who rejects a girl coldly, stating that he only needs fans. Shortly after, Ji-woong and Hee-do properly meet, with the former wanting to know whether the fencing prodigy plans on becoming friends with his crush, Yu-rim. They share a bit of admiration for the gold medalist, but it’s cut short by class president Ji Seung-wan, who is ready to give the new attendee the school tour.

It’s a short introduction to the building, though, with the art studio and science lab skimmed over (after all, Hee-do will barely be in class), and an understanding of where the bathroom and infirmary are already established. But there is a friendly piece of banter regarding where the cafeteria resides, so it’s reasonable to assume the two young women will grow closer as the show develops.

A new guy, 22 years old, named Baek Yi Jin, has moved into Hee Do’s neighborhood. He has started a part-time job even before he has finished moving into his new rental place. Earning money is his first priority. He delivers newspapers in the morning and works at the rental book store later in the day. He lives alone but has a family who all live apart, not by choice but because of the circumstances. His father’s business has gone bankrupt, and Yi Jin is now on his own.

Hee Do hardly attends her classes because she is on the fencing team and has to practice all the time. Her team has not won many matches, but they are hopeful. Hee Do is a fan of gold medalist fencer Ko Yu Rim, who is the same age as her. Her dream is to become Yu Rim’s rival in fencing. She sneaks into Yu Rim’s high school to secretly watch her practice every Saturday. That’s how much she admires her. However, Hee Do’s dream is crushed when her school abolishes the fencing team due to a lack of funding. The country is going through an economic crisis, and its effects are seen in every sector.

When all the doors close on Hee Do, the only ray of hope for her is to transfer to Taeyang High School, where Ko Yu Rim is enrolled. When she asks her mom to do that, she tells her to quit fencing as she is not good at it anymore. Hee Do’s mother has never helped her anyway, and this time as well, Hee Do has to help herself. She meets Yu Rim’s coach and begs her to get her on their team, but the coach refuses. Hee Do has still not given up. If all the right ways to get her in are not available, she is going to make her own way by doing the wrong things. She plans to get herself into trouble, which will force her to transfer to another school. She tries to physically assault a student, but as she has no idea about how to do it, it fails. She calls the police on a gang war, but instead of getting arrested as one of them, she becomes their victim. Hee Do is persistent, and she is not going to stop until she makes her big dream come true.

Yi Jin is doing two part-time jobs and is still looking for more. He doesn’t get a job as a floor cleaner because he is overqualified. Yi Jin is a second-year engineering dropout from Yonsei University. He was a top student in high school and also a chaebol (heir of a conglomerate). Everything was going well in his life until his father’s company went bankrupt due to the economic crisis. His father had to divorce his mom to keep them away from the debts. His parents have gone into hiding separately, and his younger brother lives with their aunt. He plans to take him to live with him when he has a stable job.

Hee Do is sitting with his friends at a nightclub when Yi Jin comes into their private room. She is a minor and has sneaked into the club to purposefully get caught so she can transfer to another school. His friends try to make Hee Do drink alcohol, but Yi Jin stops them. His friends call him a buzzkill and tell him to focus on his financial condition. Yi Jin and Hee Do have known each other due to the newspaper and comic book store, so Yi Jin leaves the club with her. He advises her to talk to her mom because it is a privilege that she has because of her age. She can ask her parents now what she wants from them.

Hee Do goes to the bookstore to meet Yi Jin, but he has already ended his shift. She gets his address from the shop owner, but when she reaches his place, she sees two men threatening Yi Jin. They are asking for his father’s address because they need money. He can feel their pain as he is going through the same. He cannot offer them money or consolation, but he promises them that he will never live happily after his family has caused sorrow to many families. However, he is already living a life of despair.

Hee Do’s mom finds out the clothes that Hee Do wore at the nightclub, hence exposing her. Hee Do tells her the truth and of her desperation to get into Taeyang High School. Her mom leaves but has understood her daughter’s wish. She transfers her to Taeyang High School without her knowing. Yi Jin’s advice to talk to her mother worked for Hee Do, and she is more than happy, though she had to win a few more challenges to win over the coach. This is just one step for her, and she still has a mountain to cross.

Yi Jin is surprised to see Hee Do at his door when he is in his most vulnerable state. Hee Do does not see him sad like that and takes him to her old school. She does her favorite activity of twisting the faucet upside down and turning it on, making it look like a fountain. Yi Jin finds it childish but soon joins her by turning on all of the faucets. They have to run away before the night guard catches them. They are laughing and enjoying themselves. Hee Do tells him that even though he has promised those people, he would never be happy, he can be happy around her, and she will keep it as their secret.

Ep 3 & 4

Min chae is all shocked when she gets up after her mother screaming to get ready for her therapy session , but she is all shocked when all she could see was the younger Na hee -do ,instead of her mother . Min chae gets all upset and doesn’t want to go to the therapy session ,her grandmother is all worried that will she ever dance ballet .To take her to the therapy session ,mother and daughter have a day out eating burgers and fries and the. Min chae asks her mother why didn’t she leave fencing when she wasn’t even a good fencer ,her mother replied saying she liked fencing and how it made her feel .The story then shifts to na hee- do ‘s past ,where in the morning ye jin gives the password of the bathroom to her ,which makes her heart flutter .As na hee do reaches school , they were informed to keep up thier attendance where yu rim and hee – do attended the class and they didn’t bring thier textbooks , , yu rim was given punishment and as ji woong saw that he passed his book to hee – do ,so that he can spend some time with yu rim , he also walks out . On the other side yi Jin protects his brother from bullies .

On the other side , the whole fencing team got the news that full house 13 was launched , yu rim and hee – do both being a full house fan rushed to the book stores , yu – rim didn’t get the comic in her nearby book store ,so she called the bookstore where ye jin worked and asked him to keep the comic book aside for her , both yu rim and hee – do reached the bookstore at a same time and there was a chaos in the bookstore ,ye jin gets the book as she was a regular customer of the bookstore .Yu rim gets all upset .

Next day she ignored ye jin and when she was keeping the juice in locker , yu rim sees her and gets all upset and says that she is double faced and obsessed with her . When hee -do leaves school that day she meets some gangsters who follow her and she runs so that she can escape them and on the way she finds ye jin with his old car ,and he helps her,and then it starts raining and they have fun teasing and laughing together ,the episode is so funny and soothing ,tune in to Netflix every Saturday & Sunday .

On other day , na hee – do comes across a golden opportunity of praticipating in the national fencing games , she asks her coach to give her training , the coach agress to give her training ,only when she does some tasks everyday .while coming back home hee- do saw a man at the gate of the ye -jin ‘s house and she thought it was creditor so she rushed to the bookstore to inform ye – jin , but when ye -jin returns back home he found a letter which was addressed by his father .Ye jin throws the letter and rushes to find his father , hee – do finds the letter infront the gate and when she saw that the letter was addressed by his father , she panics , feels guilty and runs to find his father .Ye jin finds his father in a bus and the moment is so emotional . Ye jin after meeting his father sees hee – do running on the road and he then helps her out .

The next day , her hard training starts and she is instructed to do some crazy things , one of them was to learn the steps of the song given by her coach , for this she contacts ji woong and in return ji woong wants her to keep yu rim’s favourite juice in her locker , she continues doing that and on that night yu rim & hee – do were practicing in night and in meantime thier senior bashed in the room and scolded them and yu rim apologized but hee – do opposed that she wasn’t doing anything wrong and then yu rim & hee – do had a fight and she left the room upset and went to return the book to ye jin and said him to say that “yu rim was wrong without asking her any questions ” when ye jin didn’t say ,she got all upset .

Hee – do starts ignoring ye jin and when she reaches school and keeps the juice in yu rim’s locker , she gets all upset on hee – do and says that she is double faced and obsessed with her , hee – do gets all upset and while practicing dance says ji woong to clear the confusion that he told her to keep that juice in the locker . A day before Ye jin went to a interview and gets rejected ,he is all upset and drinks soju while returning back home and gets all drunk and sits infront of the gate , hee – do sees him and tries to console him but he falls asleep and she wraps him up with a blanket and writes a note saying “rejected in an interview do not disturb ” all the neighbours saw that note and he became a laughing stock . Next day when nee – do was returning back from school some gangsters started following her and she starts running so that she can escape ,then she finds ye jin with his old car and he helps her . On the way it starts raining and get all wet, they have fun ,laughing & teasing each other .And as they reach back home they find yu rim and ji woong infornt of ye jin ‘s gate ,they are all shocked to see each other . Tune in to Netflix on every Saturday and Sunday to watch this drama .

BTS V ‘s song ( Christmas tree ) from Our beloved summer releases on 24th dec, fans are in love after listening to it .

BTS singer V’s track for Our Beloved Summer, titled Christmas Tree, has been released. The song is a part of his friend Choi Woo-shik’s ongoing K-drama. 

V treated fans with a new Christmas song and this time, it comes packed in the K-drama Our Beloved Summer. The singer has sung the song Christmas Tree for his close friend, actor Choi Woo-shik, and actor Kim Da-mi’s new K-drama. 

The song was first teased in the first episode of Our Beloved Summer. Six episodes down, parts of the song has been played before the full version of the track was released on Friday. 

Christmas Tree is a romantic track about a person having a conversation with a loved one. A portion of the song’s lyrics read: “So, I’ll tell you, a million tiny things that, you have never known, it all gets tangled up inside, and I’ll tell you, a million little reasons, I’m falling for your eyes, I just want to be where you are.” The music video features a compilation of Choi Woo-shik and Kim Da-mi’s vulnerable moments on the show. 

Fans of the singer and the show have taken to Twitter to shower the track with a whole lot of love. Many described the song ‘comforting, beautiful, safe and warm.’ A fan also thanked V for the song, adding that the news of Suga testing positive for Covid-19  is saddening: “The song is so soothing, I was sad because of Yoongi’s illness but V’s voice felt like a hug,” a fan said. 

BTS suprise fans with “BUTTER”holiday remix .

In a sweet surprise for their fans, BTS released a dance practice video for ‘Butter (Holiday Remix).’ The song’s latest version was released earlier in December.

Originally released in May 2021, the track has been twisted into myriad versions which received unparalleled love from the ARMY. The surprise is seen more special as the band announced that they would be taking a little bit of rest. RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook look all things adorable in this festive clip. Take a look. 

BTS: After Suga, Jin and RM test positive for Covid-19

After Suga, two more BTS members, Jin and RM, have also tested positive for Covid-19. The news was released by Big Hit Entertainment, the South Korean entertainment company that manages the popular K-pop group, through a statement.

The statement also said that both artists had received both doses of vaccine in August.

“Neither member had any contact with other members after their return to Korea. Our company will continue to provide support for the rapid recovery of RM and Jin, placing our highest priority on the health and safety of our artists. We will continue to cooperate fully with the requests and guidelines of healthcare authorities,” it read.

Earlier, Big Hit Entertainment had announced that Suga tested positive for Covid-19 on Thursday.

BTS member Suga tests positive for Covid-19 after taking two vaccine doses

Suga tested positive for Covi-19 after returning from his US tour earlier this week.

Rapper and music producer Min Yoongi, also known as Suga of the Korean boy band BTS has tested positive for Covid-19. The news was confirmed in a statement by Big Hit Entertainment, the agency that manages BTS. The test was done earlier this week after Suga returned from the US.

The news was disclosed by an official statement from Big Hit on Weverse. According to the statement, Suga did not come in contact with the six other members of the group, namely RM, Jin, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook and had quarantined himself in his home. The rapper also has not shown any alarming symptoms of coronavirus.

According to the statement, “BTS member SUGA was confirmed with COVID-19 on Friday, December 24 during his self-quarantine after taking the PCR test immediately upon his return to Korea on Thursday, December 23. SUGA completed his second round of the COVID-19 vaccination in late August and is not presenting any symptoms as of today. He is currently administering self-care at home per the guidelines of the healthcare authorities. SUGA, who has had a number of personal engagements in the U.S. during BTS’ official time off, had tested negative for the PCR test taken before travelling to the U.S., and began his self-quarantine after taking the PCR test upon his return to Korea. He received positive results during quarantine, and there was no contact with the other members.”

Fans shared numerous messages to wish Suga a speedy recovery. The hashtag #GetWellSoonYoongi trended on Twitter too.

BTS: Fans beg for mercy after ‘tipsy’ V posts shirtless video and gives glimpse of his beard: ‘Excuse me, sir’

BTS singer V shared a video of himself shirtless on Instagram. The video left fans screaming. BTS singer V left fans stunned after he shared a video in which he was seen shirtless. The Christmas Tree singer took to Instagram Stories and shared a black and white video in which he was seen moving around his room. 

While fans noticed him shirtless, they also pointed out that his beard has grown. The video also gave a glimpse of the Christmas decorations on one side of the room while jazz music played in the background. 

Best dramas of 2021 : Squid game and Vincenzo to Hometown Cha Cha Cha

From supernatural to dystopian, 2021 saw some memorable Korean dramas. Here is a lowdown of the shows that made much noise this year.

The year 2021 is coming to an end, and it it has been quite phenomenal for the lovers of K-dramas. While the brutal and violent Squid Game became a global phenomenon, Kim Seon Ho and Shin Min-a whooshed into everyone’s hearts with the simple, yet loveable Hometown Cha Cha Cha. It was also the year of Vincenzo — where Song Joong-ki decided to become a gangster, with a heart of gold.

Here is the lowdown of the K-dramas that won our hearts, and made the most noise in 2021.

  • Vincenzo
  • Hometown cha cha cha
  • Squid Game
  • My Name
  • Hospital Playlist 2
  • Nevertheless
  • My Roomate is a Gumiho
  • Yumi ‘s cell
  • Hellbound
  • The King’s affection